tender heart sincerity police

The thing that never ceases to excite me about being a portrait photographer is that each time I head out with camera my “work” is to make the moment at hand something special. Every bit of my being is engaged in extracting all of the beauty and wonder available in this very moment. No moment is more significant than now.

I know I must sound like a broken record in expressing what is essentially the same idea over and over again, but when you really get a feeling for just how valuable this practice is, I don’t think it can be said enough. Any moment can be something special. How determined am I to dig deep to unearth it? How willing am I to expand my perspective? Can I lay bare and exposed without fear or judgment?

I wonder how my life might be radically transformed if only I could train myself to more frequently see as my photographer self does. The good news is, the opportunity continually presents itself. I begin now. Any moment can be something.


finger speak
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family hug

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