the dreamt land tap dancer at rest

Without a doubt, nothing can strike fear in me more quickly than the idea of being in confrontation or conflict. I just don’t handle either well at all, and have spent a lifetime carefully dodging even the hint of their intrusion. If I was able to channel all the energy I’ve put into conflict avoidance over the years into something more constructive, say a sport, I would surely be Olympic material by now for sure. We’re talking *a lot* of energy.

My rationale seems reasonable and even virtuous, with the strong desire to live in peace and harmony at all times being the force driving this powerful conflict evasion. But the part I’ve not factored in is how keeping those things I fear will wreak havoc buried deep inside ultimately destroys my peace within, and often with far greater consequences.

In photographing babies and young children it’s clear they don’t struggle in the least with issues of confrontation and conflict, but instead use these things as commanding tools for achieving inner peace. While it might not be a good idea for me to engage in a throw down tantrum when finding myself at the place of conflict, I might do well to remember the little ones who confront their fears head on, resolve them, and then quickly move forward with their lives, unencumbered and free.


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