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I’d photographed her and her little sister in many of the pretty locations within walking distance of the studio, but hadn’t been able to elicit a truly genuine expression that was free of the influence of “trying” to smile. Not at all unusual in four year old girls, who are for the most part eager to please, and ready to accommodate the photographer with their best rendition of super model.

It was during the break to feed and change her sister that I asked the dad if I might take the older girl just outside the studio for a few individual shots. It’s unfortunate that the area directly out the front door isn’t a bit more attractive as a backdrop because it’s so often right here that I discover just what I’m looking for. Without saying it with words, there is something about the time spent photographing in this unassuming location that comes without pressure or expectation. I can feel it within myself first; any hint of tension dissolves, and I’m not actively pursuing a shot as much as I’m inviting a communion of energies. The street may be busy with activity and onlookers, and I pay no mind. It is only the child and I, and how we may connect that matters.

I am happy and grateful to experience these modest moments photographing under the awning of the studio.


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