step pause the performer

The boy sat still in this spot for only a split second. It was quite honestly the tiniest flicker of time imaginable, and one of those rare fortuitous moments when all the components come together so swiftly that it almost feels fated. (If fate works on behalf of the creation of one simple image that may not appeal to anyone but the photographer.)

I’d been photographing his baby brother being held by their father, though noticing in the background this two year old running and playing some sort of game in his own little world. When he landed in this spot, where we’d tried numerous times previously to get him to sit with no success whatsoever, I scurried over to where he was, instantly dropped down low to get at eye level, and quickly took the shot just before he exited the scene. As I pressed the shutter release, having seen the direct and confrontational countenance on his face, I had the oddest feeling that he was trying to teach me something I clearly need to learn.


finger speak
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family hug

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