afternoon nap mother and child

It was so small and shallow it barely qualified as puddle material, and yet when the toddler spotted it, he dropped everything at hand and excitedly sprinted towards the tiny puddle as if approaching the Atlantic Ocean. How thoroughly might an insignificant mud puddle be investigated? Well, by the time he was finished with this little gift from the heavens he’d experienced it in every way possible. He *knew* this puddle intimately. He’d conquered it, and absorbed every morsel into his being. He and the puddle became one.

I am happiest when making images that speak of the joy children find in the insignificant and overlooked. The small boy made the puddle important when to all others it would have gone unnoticed. And with my camera, I too made the puddle important. In my high-minded moments I might be imagining that I’m creating something wonderful for my clients……some lasting beautiful impression of a fleeting childhood experience. But when I’m really honest I know that when photographing a young child, I’m creating for me as much as anybody else.

They lead me by the hand, and make the puddle important. Time stops, and all of my senses are fully engaged in pursuit of knowing the puddle as only they do. How awesome is that?!?


finger speak
naturally retro
family hug

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