adore the puddle

So if you read my last post you might be asking yourself, “what exactly *was* Cynthia adoring at the time this image was shot? Surely not the shirtless, bearded stranger she brazenly aimed her camera at without his awareness or consent?”

While I’d have to say adoring would be too strong a word to describe the feeling when making this particular image, I most definitely was appreciating. If I’m bothering to photograph anything, there has to be an element of appreciating. The fun part is looking for things to be grateful for in any given scene or situation. In this instance, it initially was the peaceful retreat this man found in a very public place, where the warmth of the spring sunshine mingled with the cool shade of a large oak tree. This comfortable haven, where he could rest and dream as he felt the earth cradle him from below, was completely free of charge and available to anyone at all.

Isn’t that something to appreciate?


finger speak
naturally retro
family hug

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