unaffected given

As a baby and kid photographer you really could say that I run a covert operation, where I most often work clandestinely, and am not above deception nor subversion to get the job done. Any and all methods of subterfuge may be employed. You might think this is all child’s play but I assure you it’s not. Go ahead and try to coax a reluctant three month old with no neck control to fulfill your mission of appearing that he can actually hold his head up unsupported and be happy about it, and report back to me your success rate. Then we’ll move on to conspiring to get an overactive eighteen month old to stay in one place long enough to achieve proper exposure and focus.

I’m here to tell you, this is tricky business. I’d proceed with caution and great trepidation. Ü


finger speak
naturally retro
family hug

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