muddled unaffected

This was not the shot I was going for. Not even close. I was setting up for the always tricky two-year-old with newborn sibling photos, when big brother dove head first into the bean bag and gave me this. No room for new baby here, and how could he compete even if there was a spot for him? This image actually tells the all too common story of how displaced a young child can feel when a new baby enters the scene. “What? It’s not all about me now? But I‘m so much better looking!” An eloquent two year old girl I recently photographed offered a similar sentiment regarding her newborn baby brother when she said, “I’d like to mash him up with potatoes”. I don’t think she was kidding. This is what I love about political correctness, just telling it like they see it.

I’m thinking that I’ve seen a photo of Brad Pitt somewhere that looks similar to this one, but I’m not so certain that at two even he could have pulled off the pin-up boy shot as well as this little guy has.


finger speak
naturally retro
family hug

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