hint of defiance silently drawn

The better part of a newborn photo session is spent trying to get the baby to sleep soundly so they may be posed and manipulated into various configurations that convey their angelic quality best. It’s not that we’re uninterested in open eye shots, it’s just that when newborns are awake their limbs are often flailing about with tense clenched fists, eyes go crossed or display popeye tendencies, and tongues protrude. They can look a little……well funny.

Sometimes though, in a moment of relative stillness, an awake newborn will observe with such open awareness and presence that the deep wisdom that is our original nature becomes plainly evident. They are “awake” in every sense of the word. These glances are to me truly awe-inspiring, and when I know I’m in the company of a celestial being hovering briefly between heaven and earth.


finger speak
naturally retro
family hug

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