previously unseen cherub

I included this image in the proof selection knowing there was little chance it would be chosen by the client. While a parent may find an image conveying a hint of defiance in their toddler adorable, as the child inches towards being a teen Mom and Dad are typically less impressed when viewing this characteristic. So at nine years old, I was fairly certain this image wouldn’t fly. And I was right.

I suppose one reason why I like seeing hints of defiance in the children I photograph could be the fact that as a child I was so reticent. I love looking into the eyes of a child who meets me head on and exhibits strength, worthiness and even rebelliousness, because I know I’m touching honesty. With my whole heart I wish to tell the story of their whole being, not only for them, but for the little girl still inside of me, too timid to tell her own.


finger speak
naturally retro
family hug

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