the band boy in argyle vest

Isn’t it fun to observe the differences between siblings? Coming from the same combination of genes, you’d think there’d be more similarities, but more often than not brothers and sisters are as opposite as can be. Dress them the same, instruct them in a similar manner, and although they may share a striking physical resemblance to one another it takes no time at all to notice the vast diversity between them.

Surely this variation can’t be accidental design. It seems from the moment we arrive on the planet we’re given this contrast to sift through, not as punishment, but as opportunity to clarify our own personal preferences, while at the same time being taught to find acceptance, peace, and harmony with that which is unlike us. This can feel like a challenge when living under the same roof with contrast, but an early lesson I suppose, in embracing the diversity of living in this beautifully messy world that houses us all.

Isn’t it fun?!?


finger speak
naturally retro
family hug

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