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I just returned from Asheville, NC, undoubtedly one of my favorite spots to be. It’s a place with a rare and unique energy that has drawn me in closer each time I’ve visited over the last 25 years. A place where the aged mountains that envelope the quirky little city feel to me like the arms of a wise sage wrapping around me as well, stroking my hair warmly and murmuring, “there, there, be at peace, for you are safe and at home”. I know I’m not alone in these feelings about this magical region.

I had little time to myself on this visit, and few opportunities to photograph just for me, but did head out with camera early evening on Halloween. It was a most perfect day filled with tricks and treats of every kind, and I was able to fill my bag with all sorts of wonderful encounters and experiences. Can Halloween be heavenly? For me, this one was.

So who was I dressed as this festive evening? Though not in costume, I was perhaps a ghost, randomly flitting about, appearing and disappearing. Not so much seen as briefly felt, not so much heard as deeply listening. Not haunting this town, but mingling with its spirits. Whirling about, lightheaded in Asheville.

Rather than using the coming days to post the usual holiday portraits that come as part of the territory for a photographer this time of year, I’d prefer to share some of the candid images that resulted from my walkabout this Halloween evening. These are the small and real moments I love so much, such as a glance exchanged with a crumbled leaf encrusted little bear who made me smile.


finger speak
naturally retro
family hug

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