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Apparently this guy thought I needed a little help in the posing department, for he climbed into this spot on his own accord and called out to me, "how about this?". That I took the shot would be evidence to support his claim.

It's interesting to notice how when a child reaches about five or six they begin to feel the need to perform for the camera. Simply being themselves is no longer an option, they must have a gimmick to be camera worthy. It can take some doing to work through this, and the process often involves confusion on the part of the child. "What do you want me to do with my face?", they'll often question, and when I suggest they needn't do anything other than be what they are feeling in the moment, they don't buy it a bit. Doubts are already creeping into their consciousness, and they determine they need to add something to the mix to make the photo desirable. So they "sweeten" the shot by incorporating cute, goofy, strong, or a number of other guises one expertly learns to perfect as they grow into adulthood. Or they climb into an outdoor fireplace.

The odd thing is, we continue to stregthen the very habit that prevents us from having what we ultimately want most: someone to see us, accept us, and even love us for exactly who we are, without the gimmicks.


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