boy in black fedora connected

Although I was getting pretty pictures in pretty settings of this very pretty girl, it was when photographing her with her dogs that I grew more enthusiastic about the process. Animals, like young children, are the wild cards that can throw an otherwise predictable shoot into a disorganized messy tailspin, which apparently is my comfort zone when it comes to photographing. I sort of don’t know what to do with a session when it’s all laid out neatly for me. I mean I can certainly figure out where to point my camera and how to properly expose the image, but in these overly favorable conditions I can’t ever be sure how to make the image mine.

So I’ve realized yet another reason I’m drawn to photographing young children. I like taking the erratic helter-skelter situations that they present me with and visually reorganizing them in such a way that some kind of trustable poetry may reveal itself. Whether or not anyone else notices, I need to believe in the sincerity of the images I make. And I guess I’m more inclined to believe when the images aren’t entirely flawless. Ü


finger speak
naturally retro
family hug

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