drawn together small things

I’d imagined that the images shot in this portion of the session would be black and white. Even while going through clothing with the boy’s mom a moment earlier, I suggested his faded black jeans and white tank top preparing for clean and minimalist monochrome images.

After sitting with him and talking a few minutes, I lifted my camera to begin photographing, fully expecting to see in my minds eye the black and white images I’d planned for. Instead, the rich tones of his dark skin appeared luminous in the late afternoon window light, and I knew then that the resulting portraits would have to be in color....that the color of his skin would play an integral part of the images made.

It’s common knowledge that to create anything one must first visualize it. The more clear and detailed the visualization, the greater the likelihood of it manifesting. As much as I believe this to be true it seems that there also exists a paradox to this thinking. It’s almost as if the vision brings one to a portal, that once entered demands the creator be willing to surrender it completely. Not in the sense of giving it up, but of giving it over.

I’m not really sure where I’m heading with this line of thinking, I only know that for me photographing is most exciting because of its unpredictability.


finger speak
naturally retro
family hug

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