imaginary dance partner walking the path

It’s fascinating to me that I so often encounter a feeling of profound familiarity with my subjects when photographing them. It’s not at all a “I think I’ve met you before” kind of thing, but more a sensation of “I feel as if I really know you”. I rarely know this kind of connectedness with strangers outside of photographing them, and would have to say that when I do it’s most likely to be through some kind of artful self-expression on their part. I can, and have, fallen in love with someone I’ve never even met based solely on an intangible quality conveyed through their art that I find captivating and divinely recognizable.

So photography is the creative medium that tears down the walls within myself, and allows me to see another in such a way that they become vaguely yet intimately familiar. And it’s this newfound familiarity that prompts an otherwise rather shy girl to move in close and connect with a perfect stranger. It’s an amazing transformation really.


finger speak
naturally retro
family hug

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