gravitation jack and betty

So I guess I’m not feeling terribly inspired to keep up with this photoblog lately. Not sure why exactly, but when I sit down at the computer thinking I *should* make an entry, no particular image jumps out, words elude me, and even normally poetic quotes sound preachy or somehow arrogant.

The list I’ve accumulated of photoblogs to visit has grown to such a degree that I can hardly keep track of them anymore. Some days it feels as if every third person I run across is a photographer or aspiring photographer with a blog. And I am just one more. I don’t know, could it be we now have too much access to inspiration at our fingertips, all of which is nestled safely in the cocoon of our closed in computer rooms?

Luckily I don’t torture myself with these sorts of tragic thoughts once a shoot begins. No matter how I might have been feeling in the moments prior to photographing, once I pick up my camera all the pestering doubts and comparisons, the over-thinking and self judging falls away one by one. Not immediately, but depending on the amount of resistance I’m harboring it doesn’t take too long most days. And then the exhilarating lightness of being having shed all that nonsense…..true freedom!

In these moments there are still a kazillion other photographers out there with a kazillion well-crafted photoblogs, but it doesn’t matter in the least anymore, because I am this child’s photographer. I’m in front of him, and my only job is to fully show up, reach inside myself, and try my best to tell his story--our story--photographically.

Hey, I think I’ve just made an entry to my photoblog……so there it is after all!


finger speak
naturally retro
family hug

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