surface to process gravitation

Shooting outdoors hadn’t been the original plan. Pregnant women and Florida summers are not a good mix for comfortable portraits so I typically won’t even suggest it. But when I saw the view in their backyard I asked if we could try just a few shots by the pool, and was happy when she agreed.

For a multitude of reasons we needed to work quickly, and I felt myself a bit overwhelmed with all I wished to attempt in the limited time frame that we had. These are the moments when I really have to remind myself to slow down, regardless of time constraints. The inclination is to rush, to try to do everything the busy mind imagines that it can do. Before one shot is taken the next is already being considered, and the photographing becomes thought driven and void of heart.

I was positioned in the middle of some shrubbery, my back pressed against a wrought iron fence trying to get as much distance as possible to frame the shot. Merciless sun pierced my eyes while mosquitoes hungrily buzzed all around me, and yet I told myself to stay. Stay with the subject, and stay with the shot, until all the chattering ceased and I could join her exactly where she was, fully present and grateful.

We photographers can be a greedy bunch, always wanting to extract more and more from whatever is in front of our camera, cursing the weather for not cooperating with our photo plans, and forever attempting to manipulate light to our own design. But there seems to come this most wonderful tipping point during a shoot……the point where we say to ourselves, “this will do”…….and we stay.


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