through branches just a boy

Even after nearly ten years, the hour or so prior to a scheduled shoot is never easy for me. There’s an intensity to these moments that isn’t at all comfortable, as if I’m standing on the edge of a tall cliff preparing to dive into a beautiful pool of water far below. Even though I’ve trained for the dive, and taken the leap many times before, still there is hesitancy, uncertainty, even an underlying element of fear.

For a photo session? Standing in front of something and pressing a little button? What is up with that?

I’ve really no logical explanation for this odd phenomenon. Being rather introverted certainly contributes, but I don’t believe is the greatest factor. More likely, it’s the feeling I have that each photo session is essentially a summons to meet my subject in a place not always readily accessible. I’m never entirely sure how I’m going to get there, I only know that to find it I have to completely let go and take that plunge over the edge.

“Meet me here”, is what I’m asking of myself and my subject in the oftentimes tense moments prior to beginning. But where exactly is here? Not a place, not even a state of mind, it’s more a state of being: wholly present, fully engaged, and completely connected. Meet me here.


finger speak
naturally retro
family hug

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