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It’s no secret that observing faces and human interactions is one of my favorite pastimes, even without a camera. I’m very selective about what I choose to see though, and will never give my attention to even the slightest unkindness exchanged. Perhaps it’s this natural tendency that gives me the patience to stick with a client shoot that might not be going smoothly. If I’m not initially finding evidence of beauty and heartfelt sincerity I know that the only answer lies in adjusting my perspective until I do. In these circumstances my job isn’t to change what is, but more to reveal what is underneath. If I didn’t truly believe that the divine resides in the core of all things and people there would be no reason at all for me to pick up my camera.

And then there are clients such as the dad shown above, who make it nearly impossible for me to ever put my camera down. While I’ve seen and photographed a lot of wonderful dads, this one is most rare in the way that there just isn’t any armor between the exterior and the interior. There is this translucent quality about him that allows the light within to shine through in such a way that illuminates all he comes into contact with. His wife assures me that he in fact is not perfect, but with his wide open and generous heart for both people and creatures, the childlike love he so easily exudes is most definitely sublime.

I’m not a fan of the current trend to elevate people into rock star status, and that isn’t my intent here, as I think that only serves to separate us and introduce envy. What I find inspiring and remarkable about this man is not that he possesses anything that is more precious than that owned by any one of us, but that he bravely defies the norm, and lives from the inside out. His children are so fortunate to grow up with this as an example.


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