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There are those who thrive on endless days of busy-ness, and then there is me. I seem to require a greater than average amount of quiet time as well as alone time, to function optimally. While I’m able to pull off stretches of busy in an efficient manner, should it go on for too long I begin feeling uptight, which is something I don’t at all like feeling.

I am in the midst of busy, and longing for a slower pace and time to collect my thoughts. Sometimes I really wish I could get with the program and be like all those I see around me, forever juggling multiple activities and scurrying from one event to the next with ease and stamina. But any attempts I’ve made in this direction have failed miserably, and then left me berating my apparent inadequacies.

Better I think, to attempt to structure our lives in a way that honors our natural rhythms and tendencies. Not so easy to do when these propensities don’t seem to mesh with those of the society we happen to live in, but I have to believe not impossible either. I suppose that just becoming more clearly aware of who we are is a step in the right direction, and then bravely staying true to that self the key to greater harmony and balance.


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