mom blown away

Normally I wouldn’t be inclined to take a shot where something synthetic was featured so prominently, but I kind of liked this scene, and how intently focused the father and his children were on the contents of the fish bucket, so went ahead with it. I would have greatly appreciated this bucket being wooden instead, but sometimes I’m forced to concede to the fact that I happen to live in the 21st century.

If you ever want to come face to face with just how much plastic there is in the world, try becoming a kid photographer. Sometimes I think I spend more time attempting to eliminate synthetics from my composition than hunting pleasing expressions. Recently I was photographing a child in her backyard and simply couldn’t find a vantage point that didn’t also include something manufactured. I thought I was going to have to take the kid up on the roof for a clean and natural backdrop, but soon realized even that wouldn’t work since she still had a death grip on her oversized plastic sippy cup.

As much as I’m continually working at making better friends with “what is”, I’m not so sure that I’m ever going to warm up to the idea of including brightly colored plastic in my photographs. So I guess this means that I’m going to have to instead get more comfortable with learning how to digitally alter this artificial reality in Photoshop. Oy, I was surely born in the wrong time period.


finger speak
naturally retro
family hug

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