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I’m not one to want my images to be characterizations of those I’m photographing. What I mean by that is portraying people as fictional versions of themselves for the sole purpose of making a more interesting photograph. While there are photographers who do this exceptionally well, with the resulting images being compelling and even thought-provoking, this form of photographing doesn’t personally feed me. And what I’m learning the longer I practice this craft, is that to deny one’s own hunger, for too long a period anyway, is to pinch off the very vessel that infuses any work with source energy. Without that, you got nothing. Pretty wrapping over an empty box, that might cause someone to look, but never linger.

I loved photographing this family, because I immediately had the feeling that the retro look they had going on wasn’t an act, but instead a deep appreciation for a time gone by. The items they treasured and exhibited in their home were from another era, including an amazing wall of some of the coolest old black and white family photographs I’ve ever seen. Who they are and what they love was written over every inch of their home, and I found it refreshing to be in a space that was so obviously created for the people who live there, rather than to impress the guests they may receive.

Residing in the land of Disney as I do, where sometimes it seems everything is a characterization of itself, and an imitation picture perfect plastic movie set, I liked seeing evidence of something naturally and genuinely retro. Ü


finger speak
naturally retro
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