Lightheaded was conceived in early 2006, as a personal outlet where I might share photographs I've made, and random thoughts or quotes the images evoked in me. I began with no plan at all for the direction it would take, or expectation of what it might bring. It was a photograph by photograph journey towards the unknown, that ultimately revealed a bit clearer picture of who I really am. This wasn't always what I'd imagine or hoped, but it was intensely liberating, and oddly brought with it a newfound compassion for myself in all my humanness. What I learned through lightheaded was that having tenderness, along with a good dose of humor and forgiveness towards all aspects of oneself, especially the not so pretty parts, is the starting ground which leads to greater compassion for others.

I have worked as a portrait photographer for the last nine years. Photography is my day job, but also my passion. I made the decision to discontinue the light-headed photoblog in the summer of 2009, when I felt it was too personal to be floating around in the world wide web where clients and anyone else could stumble upon it. It was more difficult than I imagined it would be to give it up though, and I wondered how it was I could be missing a silly blog. Eventually, I came to the realization that I wasn't really missing the light-headed blog, I was missing light-headed me.

Everyone needs a place of respite from the cacophony of daily living, and light-headed unexpectedly became mine. So I've brought it back to life, but not where it began four years ago. I'm different, so it must be different. Light-headed is my personal photoblog, with no real objective other than that of quietly noticing both the world around me and my own response to that which I see.

Thanks for dropping by!

~Cynthia Graham

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